A Sympathetic Ear

and a Generous


Ida's Story

Ida Koran was Ecolab's first employee. She worked for Ecolab for 44 years, proof that she strongly believed in the company, its associates and their families. When she died, she left a trust fund to be used to make loans and grants to employees in need. Ida's hard work, foresight, generosity and unwavering faith in Ecolab created a legacy that continues to touch the lives of Ecolab employees and retirees around the world today.

Economics Laboratory - 1923
Ida's Legacy
Ida's Dedication
Trust Purposes
Trust's Growth

In 1923, shortly after founding the Economics Laboratory, M.J. Osborn hired Ida Koran as the company’s very first employee.


How You Can Help

The Trust would like to be visible and available to all employees and retirees on a worldwide basis. As an Ecolab leader or employee, we rely on you to inform other employees about the Trust.

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The Value of Trust

There is nothing wrong with receiving outside help during times of need. See how Ecolab employees from around the world have benefited from the Trust.

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Detecting Warning Signs

Do you know an employee who is battling a chronic medical condition that is keeping them away from work? Do you know an employee who has experienced a traumatic natural disaster? Do you have a dependent family member who is reliant on you for support and it is affecting your work? The Trust may be able to help.

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