How You Can Help

The Ida C. Koran Trust relies on Ecolab leaders and employees around the world to get the word out about the Trust. The more employees who know about the Trust, the more employees we can help. A great way to get started is by sharing the website address of the Trust.

Detecting Warning Signs

Do you know an employee who is battling a chronic medical condition that is keeping them away from work? Do you know an employee who has experienced a traumatic natural disaster? Do you have a dependent family member who is reliant on you for support and it is affecting your work? The Trust may be able to help.

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How We Can Help You

The Trust's success is determined by the number of employees we reach. As an Ecolab leader or employee, we rely on you to inform other employees about the Trust. The short video below may be downloaded for use during staff meetings to help inform and educate employees on the value the Trust has to offer.

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The Value of Trust

There is nothing wrong with receiving outside help during times of need. See how Ecolab employees from around the world have benefited from the Trust.

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Get Advice

Not sure how to help an employee who is potentially in need? Contact us for suggestions on how you can offer your help.


Phone Number: 651.250.2392