The Value of Trust:

A Little Help

Goes a Long Way

Unexpected Hardship Assistance:

Success Stories

There is nothing wrong with receiving outside help during times of need. Below are inspiring stories of how eligible employees have benefited from the Ida C. Koran Trust. It’s not always easy to ask for help, but sometimes a little support can really go a long way.

Featured Success Stories

Medical Assistance

The employee's daughter had chronic health issues requiring multiple hospitalizations which had exhausted their medical insurance coverage.
Disaster Relief

60 employees and their dependents were affected by forest fires on two major islands in Indonesia.
Medical Assistance

An employee was in need of dental surgery to repair the alignment of his jaw. There is no dental insurance support in Brazil.
Funeral Assistance

The Ida C. Koran Trust provided assistance to an associate to help with medical and funeral expenses incurred for his wife.
Natural Disaster Relief

Financial assistance was provided for 10 employees affected by flooding in Chile.
Medical Assistance

This Nalco associate needed immediate breast cancer surgery which was not available in her country.
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